Keep your Yard Beautiful through Winter, and Ready for Spring

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Lawn Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Keep your Yard Beautiful through Winter, and Ready for Spring


1. Repair Bare Spots throughout your Yard

We all dread those unsightly brown spots of dead grass that tend to accumulate more frequently throughout the winter. It seems that with each month getting colder, the bald spots get worse, but you don’t have to resign yourself to splotchy dry grass until summer. Just with a little lawn maintenance or with the help of Lakeland lawn care professionals, you can have your yard ready for spring. Simply take a hoe, or a rakes, and use it to scratch the surface of the spot to loosen up the soil. Once the soil is broken up, use a lawn repair mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch, to recover the brown spot. For the best results, be sure to water it often, about every other day for just a couple of weeks. 


2. Take Back Control Over your Weeds

Weeds seem to be an ongoing problem all year round food lawn maintenance. But fall is in fact the best time to take back control over invasive weeds (such as dandelions). But luckily, these stubborn weeds are like all the other plants during these months: desperately thirsty! They are trying to soak up as much nutrients as possible to survive through the winter. Therefore, they are much more susceptible and responsive to weed killers during this time, rather than the spring and summer. Taking control of your weeds now means less work for your lawn maintenance in the spring! For the best practices in managing weed in your lawn, it is best to call your local Lakeland lawn trimming team.


3. Get Rid of Debris

Leaves aren’t the only debris that will junk up your yard during the fall. While you’re getting your yard ready for cooler weather, take time to remove debris that makes your yard look messy or poorly maintained. Pick up excess sticks. Clear out unnecessary brush. Get rid of dead or dying plants that likely won’t revive in the spring. Make your yard look neat and tidy going into the fall season to reduce your lawn maintenance time and efforts. This isn’t a mandatory part of fall lawn care, but it can help you save time and effort when spring arrives.


4. Don't Forget the Fertilizer 

Fertilizer isn’t only to promote growth. Did you know that grass and plants can benefit from the sugars in fertilizer to protect roots from freezing temperatures. This helps to ensure that your grass comes back healthy in the spring and will require less lawn maintenance throughout the winter. Late fall lawn care should include a slow-release fertilizer. Fertilizers contain an ideal amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to nourish and protect roots.


5. Maintain your Lawn Tools for Next Year

Your lawn maintenance doesn’t just involve taking care of your lawn, but also taking care of the tools you use to maintain it. Mowers, weed eaters, rakes, and hedge trimmers require a little love each year to keep them in good working condition. Be sure that before you store your tools, you clean them and remove any lingering debris. Change the oil, check the air filter, and lower the blade on your lawn mower before storing it.


You are Not Alone in your Lawn Maintenance! 

A little planning and preparation for next year can help you start your spring yard work on a high note. But if you don’t have the time or energy to maintain all of this, or prep your yard for winter, Lakeland lawn maintenance experts at Pyles can help! We are the pros at caring for your yard and take all the worry, work and guesswork out of your lawn maintenance