Custom Landscape Design Lakeland FL: Shape Your Dream Into Reality

Oct 10, 2022 | Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Landscape Maintenance

The landscape has become one of the trending things for commercial and residential properties. Nowadays, many property owners are getting landscape service done to increase a property’s curb appeal, value, or give it a unique look!

To save some bucks, many are hiring cheap designing companies that mostly pick designs from Pinterest without even considering the space and weather.

As a result, cheap and unprofessional landscapes make your property look messy!

At Pyle’s, we have the best landscape designers in Lakeland, FL, who have completed hundreds of projects. We also provide landscape installation and maintenance services!

If you want the best custom landscape design done within an affordable price range, contact us today and get an estimate for FREE!

Custom Landscape Design Service in Lakeland, Florida

A landscape on your property reflects a lot about you and your property. That’s why many businesses are choosing to add landscapes. Even homeowners are getting serious about landscapes as it’s the identity of their property.

This is true for homes and businesses in Lakeland, Florida. Many owners are hiring design firms for unique landscapes to add to their properties.

They’re pretty successful, no doubt about that! The unique landscapes helped them attract more business or help sell their property for 10-30% more than other properties!

You can also have all these benefits by getting a custom landscape design done! The right company can help you to design something attractive and meaningful for your property.

Finding the right landscape design company can be tough! There are hundreds of companies and professionals out there who provide custom landscape designing services.

If you follow these steps, you will find the right service provider for you within no time.

  1. Once you are interested in a company’s portfolio and previous works, ensure they’re fully licensed, insured, and have all the work permits required to work in your area. This Applies For Every Service Regarding Landscaping.
  2. Check the company’s portfolio. If you already have, go through their online presence. Check their service review on platforms like HomeAdvisor, Google Business, etc.
  3. Contact someone who has used their service before and learn about their experience. Figure out how much they care about customer satisfaction and customer vision.
  4. If everything goes well, it’s time to contact the company. Call them or visit them. Discuss your vision with the designers. Observe if they’re prioritizing your ideas (if not, it’s time to say goodbye)! 
  5. After the initial meeting, it’s time to share ideas on what you are looking for. It can be images, or the contractors may want to visit your location or ask for a property map. Based on all that, they’ll share a quote with you.
  6. Before the designing process starts, the company should share its pricing with you. Now you can negotiate and ask for multiple estimates until you find something that matches your budget.

The custom landscape design may require your participation and feedback, so be open to it! 

If you follow these six steps instead of immediately hiring someone, you’ll get a professional and high-quality design for your landscaping!

Types of Landscape Design Project Services We Offer

When it comes to custom landscape design, creating one is tough! If you are willing to share all your ideas and give us your feedback at every step, we are ready to take the challenge!

We have a team of the best, professional, and dedicated designers in Lakeland who can shape your ideas into a plan that any landscaping contractor can follow. 

Here are the landscaping designing services we offer.

Custom Landscape Design

Every custom landscape design is unique and requires much time and effort. Our custom landscape design service is for those who want to do something unique to make their property stand out.   

Instead of standard templates and layouts, we’ll go out of the box to create something extraordinary according to our customer’s vision.

The vision of the design can include water features (if required), plant suggestions, landscape ideas, lawn ideas, irrigation system ideas, and so on!  

Our landscape designers are committed to working until you’re 100% satisfied with the design.  

Front Yard Custom Landscape Design 

The front yard is essential to your property, and it should be welcoming! A front yard is necessary for curb appeal (that increases your property value). 

Our team is always ready to give extra effort to create a beautiful design for your front yard’s landscape. 

After an in-depth discussion, we will provide you with a 3D-rendered design. We’re also up for free revisions if you don’t like the design. 

You’ll also get a list of plants for your garden that grow better in your area, sculptures, and other decorative and essential materials to build the landscape.

Back Yard Custom Landscape Design

Properties with backyards are a blessing, and most home and business owners miss out on a fantastic opportunity! 

Our team of skilled architects, arborists, horticulturists, and landscape designers in Lakeland, FL, always come up with the most practical and best ways to decorate your backyard. 

Whether you want to create a backyard with a sitting arrangement like a patio, surround it with nature, or make something unique with a water feature and fire decorations at a reasonable price, we’re always there to help! 

Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainable landscapes are best for those looking for something that goes with the local climate, is environment-friendly, uses the least resources, and requires very low maintenance.   

Designing a sustainable landscape requires a lot of work! It uses different water features, plants, soil types, etc., but we are always up for new challenges!

Sustainable landscaping is the best option for your property if you’re seeking something simple yet attractive without spending much on installation and maintenance!  

Lawn Design

Lawn design services are one of the unique services we provide in Lakeland, FL! Our lawn design service ensures a safe, comfortable, and clean lawn. 

Whether you want landscape beds or artificial turf, our designers will create an ideal lawn design that’ll give your lawn a clean, sharp look and make it 100% safe! 

Our lawn design includes plants, grass suggestions, and other essentials to give your lawn a sharp, on-point look.   

Other Landscape Services We Offer

After design creation, you don’t have to go out and search for someone to build and install the landscape for you. At Pyle’s Lawn, we offer the best landscaping services in Lakeland, FL. 

Here’s a short glimpse of our services! 

Landscape Installation and Maintenance

Besides custom landscape design in Lakeland, we provide landscape installation and maintenance services. Our team of professionals can build and install the landscape just like you imagined!

Our journey doesn’t end with landscape installation; we’re always there for maintenance. 

You can contact us whenever you want, and we’ll do everything (including all the dirty chores) to ensure your landscape looks on point! 

Lawn Care Management

To keep your lawn on point, it’s essential to keep it in good shape. For that, taking good care of your property is essential. 

Our lawn care service includes everything required to give your lawn a perfect look. We will take care of everything from sod to debris removal, mowing, and maintenance of trees and shrubs! 

If you are searching for lawn care services around Central Florida, contact us today for a free estimate! 

Why Pyle’s Lawn? 

Pyle’s Lawn Service is one of Lakeland, FL’s most experienced landscaping companies. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we are the best you can hire in Lakeland. 

If you are wondering whether you should hire us, here are a few reasons why you should consider Pyle’s Lawn as your landscape designer! 

Years of Experience 

With more than 29 years of experience, Pyle’s Lawn has completed hundreds of projects successfully. Many satisfied customers frequently use our services in their commercial and residential properties.

Just 29 years ago, it all started with a man with a trimmer, push mower, broom, and vision to be the best landscaping service provider in Central Florida!

We now have a big team of highly skilled professionals and high-quality equipment, and customer satisfaction is our priority. 

Popular in Lakeland, Florida, for providing the best landscaping services

Our friendliness, reasonable price, and higher expertise helped us become one of Lakeland, FL’s most popular landscaping service providers. 

We’re one of the top-rated landscaping agencies by HomeAdvisor and were awarded as best of HomeAdvisor. 

But nothing gives us more joy than working with a customer for more than two decades.   

Offer the Best Price 

One thing that always attracts our clients is our pricing! Pyle’s is mainly known for offering competitive pricing in Lakeland, FL. 

Other companies with the same equipment and team charge at least 50% more than we do. This is why we have more than 90% of our customers returning! 

Still in doubt? Contact us, get a free estimate, then decide!

Top-rated by HomeAdvisor

Pyle’s Lawn is one of the top-rated landscaping companies by HomeAdvisor in Lakeland, FL, and it’s a significant achievement for us! In 2019, we were awarded as the best of HomeAdvisor. 

With 99% recommendation, we’re the elite landscaping agency you can hire in Florida.  

Professional Landscape Design Assured by the Best Landscape Designers.

At Pyle’s Lawn, we never compromise with quality. That’s why we have the best landscape designers in Lakeland, FL. 

Our designers are highly experienced and creative. Their expertise can turn any space into something unique and attractive. The design team includes the best designer, architects, and horticulturists. They all have high knowledge in this field. It’s the perfect team to get the job done! 

Our high-quality 3D render design includes everything from beautiful gardens to landscaping drainage pavers!

That’s why we can proudly say that we can create the most unique yet attractive landscape design in Lakeland. 

How To Start With A Landscape Design Company? 

Getting started with the right landscape design company requires effort! You must work with the design team to get the best landscaping design in Lakeland, so get ready for that! 

How will you do it? Here is the complete process! 

  • Share all your ideas and give them details about your space. If possible, share a map or request them to visit. 
  • Ask them for their suggestion and how they will pull off your idea. Decide your focal point; it’ll help the designers to suggest unique ideas. Try to learn if they’ve completed any similar projects like yours. 
  • Learn about flowers and trees for your project, and if you have suggestions, make sure you share too. Help the design team as much as possible while designing your landscape. 
  • Once the design is submitted for your approval, don’t rush! Take time and observe the plan; if you are confused, consult with someone who specializes in landscape design, gives essential feedback, and makes changes if needed.  
  • Lastly, talk to a contractor to determine if the design is realistic enough for construction in your space.  

Once the design is done, it’s time for the landscape installation!   

Final Words 

Pyle’s Lawn Service is one of the most trusted and best landscaping companies in Lakeland, FL. We offer high-quality services at an affordable price for commercial and residential properties. 

We provide all kinds of landscape, lawn, and irrigation services in Lakeland, FL. Our custom design service is one of the best in Lakeland, FL. 

Are you ready to make a customized landscape design for your property? 

Contact us today and get an estimate for FREE! 


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