Commercial Landscaping Services In Lakeland, Florida: Give Your Space A Naturally Aesthetic Look

Oct 21, 2022 | Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Landscape Maintenance

Commercial landscaping is a significant investment. Once the installation is complete, it requires some maintenance to stay looking beautiful. 

As a plus, you’ll get more business, more brand value, and more resale value. 

According to a study, commercial property with an attractive landscape can increase rental value by up to 7% and resell value by up to 15%. 

At Pyle’s Lawn, we have been providing commercial landscaping services for over 30 years in Lakeland, Florida.  

Keep reading if you want your commercial space to have an aesthetic look! 

What Is Commercial Landscaping? 

Commercial landscaping is something that we see every day around us. Have you visited open restaurants, shopping malls, or big offices where all the plants are so groomed and look very appealing? 

Well, that’s what commercial landscaping is!

We all know that natural things cannot be this sharp and on point, but it can be possible to represent nature in such a way through commercial landscaping

But commercial landscaping isn’t easy! It requires knowledge and expertise. Only professionals can pull it off properly while maintaining the quality.  

Creating a commercial landscape project is a long process. It all starts with client planning, creating a commercial landscape design, installing, nurturing, and regular maintenance. 

Type Of Commercial Landscape Services 

There are many kinds of commercial landscape services available. At Pyle’s Lawn, we offer the following: 

  • Commercial Landscaping (from designing to installing) 
  • Commercial Landscape and Lawn Maintenance (biweekly, monthly and seasonal)
  • Landscape Enhancement 
  • Irrigation and Repair. 

Unlike other landscape companies, we understand what commercial landscaping means to your business. 

That’s why we’re always on time, provide high-quality work and do everything to make your business stand out.  

Why Commercial Landscaping? 

Have you seen all the big brands and companies doing commercial landscaping? From Google’s headquarters to Apple, nowadays, everyone is prioritizing landscaping

A beautiful landscape isn’t just soothing to the eyes or increases the curb appeal. A study shows properties with beautiful landscapes can get 15% (at least) more than others when selling. 

There are many instances where owners got double the price for the landscape. 

Now, let’s focus on the business perspective!

Commercial properties with beautifully designed landscapes attract more customers and can also help you land potential investors. 

It is because everyone wants to be in a beautiful aesthetic place, and even if you charge more than others, there will still be people who’ll come to your location just because of the environment.

Last but not least, brand value! If your commercial space looks naturally aesthetic, it’ll enhance your brand value. With time, if you keep the landscape, it’ll become your brand signature, and many customers will also recall your brand for the landscape. 

It shows your business cares about the environment, and that way, you’ll be able to attract investors who care about the environment.

Is It Worth Spending Money for Commercial Landscaping Services? 

Yes, it is! Investing in landscaping has many advantages. Once the design and installation are done, the cost becomes lower. 

On the other side, a well-groomed landscape attracts more business and increases the value of your property. So, it’s completely worth it! 

Once you decide to get landscaping done on your property, finding a reliable commercial landscaper can be challenging. 

It is because commercial landscaping needs knowledge about the area and the weather, better designing sense, and the ability to make your space stand out. They should be dedicated and care about your business.  

Unfortunately, many commercial landscapers don’t care about the client’s vision and don’t show responsibility at all.

Is Landscaping In Commercial Property Expensive? 

To be honest, landscaping can be expensive. It entirely depends on your requirements. The less your requirement is, the less it will cost. 

It’s always better to discuss with landscaping experts to learn how much it’ll cost to decorate your property. 

At Pyle’s Lawn, our team members encourage clients to share their ideas and expectations; based on that, we offer the best price for our landscaping services in Florida. 

We also share how much it’ll cost later for maintenance (like tree trimming, cleaning, and so on).    

To know more, contact us today!

Should You Get Commercial Landscaping Done? 

Yes, you should get commercial landscaping done. This is why: 

  • It’ll increase your brand and property value. 
  • Attracts more business, customers, clients, and potential investors.
  • You’ll get a better price while selling (if you are considering).
  • It’ll give your commercial space an aesthetic look.  

So, if you want your commercial project to stand out in Lakeland, FL, you can contact us today.

Why Us? 

At Pyle’s Lawn, we offer high-quality landscaping services for your business. We understand what a landscape means for your commercial space, and that’s why we take total care of it. 

We have a team of professionals and high-quality equipment to do the best lawn and landscaping work in Florida. 

Since we’ve served in Lakeland, Florida, for more than 30 years, we know best about the weather of Lakeland and plants that’ll stand out here and don’t have much maintenance. 

We combine our knowledge about local trees with aesthetic design experience to balance the focal point and contrast. 

With 30+ years of experience, our commercial landscaping offers the best landscape design and construction and dirty works like cleaning the site, shaping the shrubs, etc. We only do what needs to be done and don’t charge you anything extra (no, hidden charges at all).

So, if you want your commercial property to stand out in Lakeland, contact us today! 

Pyle’s Lawn: We Provide The Best Lakeland Landscaping Services 

Pyle’s Lawn is well-equipped with the best equipment and professionals in the market. We can build any landscaping for big or small businesses and residential purposes within your budget. 

We offer our service in multiple locations in Florida, like Lakeland, Mulberry, Bartow, and many other locations. 

In the last 30 years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients make their houses and commercial space stand out. We provide the best quality grass, trees, and other plants. 

Landscaping can be laborious and expensive! Not with Pyle’s Lawn Care! Our construction sustains for years, and we assure no damage to the working process. 

So, if you want to increase the value of your commercial properties, attract more customers and employees or stand out in your community, get a free quote today. 

Final Words

Commercial Landscaping is expensive; it’s more like a one-time thing. So, invest cautiously. 

We have 99% recommendations, and most reviews are five-star rated. Our employees can turn your unused spaces into an aesthetic creation that’ll be your business’ symbol forever. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get A Free Quote Today!


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