Repairing Your Irrigation Pump

Sunday August 15, 2021 comments Tags: irrigation maintenance, irrigation system


Repairing Your Irrigation Pump


Pump It Good: Repairing Your Irrigation Pump


Why are Irrigation Pumps Essential?

Replacing your irrigation pump can be one of the most expensive parts to repair in your yard. Irrigation pumps are essential, as they water plants directly into the roots. This is more feasible in making your grass and plants stay strong and well-watered especially in the summer days. To continue to look out for the functionality of your irrigation pump, a Lakeland irrigation maintenance service can be of help. 

In this blog, we discuss the 5 signs you need to repair your irrigation pump


It Won’t Turn On

If your irrigation pump does not turn on, it should not be an immediate cause for concern. Firstly, check your breakers to make sure that it’s connected. However, once you reset your breakers and the power still trips out, it could be an issue with the wires in the motor pump, or the pump itself. 


There is no water

An obvious reason for an irrigation pump that needs repairing is the loss of water. Check your valves and lines. It is always recommended to enlist the help of professionals for this one.


It’s Not Working Like It Used To

When you’re noticing that your irrigation pump is not working like it used to, you might want to check if there are blockages within the pump. Check for stuck leaves and other debris that can be stuck in the impeller vanes, which can result in decreased pump performance. If you're experiencing more signs that hinder the capabilities of your irrigation pump, Lakeland irrigation repair experts can help you out. 


Your System Wasn’t Drained Before the Frost

During the cold seasons, the frost can crack and destroy your pump. It’s always to keep in mind to drain your pump before the cold and snowy weather sets in.


Your Pump Sounds Like It’s Churning Rocks

When it sounds like your pump has rocks in it, it may be the suction lift being too high, caused by cavitation which can be harmful to your pump.


The professional solution

We wouldn’t want to have problems in our irrigation pump right? It’s the better choice to call over Lakeland Irrigation maintenance experts like Pyles to take a look at your pump and to suggest strategies on how to enrich your lawn the best way possible!