Lawn and Landscape vs. Care and Maintenance

Friday December 4, 2020 comments Tags: commercial landscape maintenance, landscaping

Landscape Maintenance

“Is there a Difference between Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance and Landscape Design?”


Yes! There is!

They each have their own purpose in making your yard it’s best! Having professionals taking care of each aspect for you ensures you get the most from your yard without all the hassle. 


Lawn Care

A professional Lakeland landscaping lawn care team will see to your grass, and make sure it is as healthy as possible. Lawn care includes fertilizing, replacing sod, spraying for weeds and insects, and seeding the lawn when necessary. A great lawn starts here with thriving, luscious green, grass. For best practices, you can seek help from your local Lakeland landscaping professional.


Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is what most of us are most familiar with when we think of hiring help for our lawns. This involves caring for the existing lawn on a weekly, or routine basis. This involves using mowers, blowers, edgers, and trimming. It keeps up the appearance of your lawn and prevents it from becoming overgrown. 


Landscape Maintenance 

Landscape is different in lawn in that it includes everything in your yard - not just the grass or lawn. Landscaping needs special attention given to it for it to do well. It’s ever changing through the season and is constantly growing, resulting in differing shades, colors, and fruitfulness. Your plants need continual tending and expert service in order to ensure that your investment into your landscaping will last for years to come.

What will a landscape maintenance team do for you? It varies but you can typically expect your service might include: mulch refreshing/ replenishment in bare areas irrigation upkeep or repair, shrub trimming and tree trimming. 


Landscape Design

Think of landscape designing as being similar to interior design, except for the outside of your home! Professional Lakeland landscape design not only uses aesthetic principles to look good but also takes full advantage of the space available and your areas climate, to determine which plants would be best, and how to pair them beautifully, and where to plant them depending on sunlight and spacing them out. This creates great curb appeal for your home!

For commercial or residential landscape designs, the goal is to create a sustainable and visually appealing landscape that fits your needs. People often plan their design based upon not only how great it will look, but what is easiest for their future maintenance. A landscape designer is trained specifically to consider all of these needs.