7 Benefits Of Business Landscaping You May Not Know!

Oct 18, 2022 | Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Landscape Maintenance

Is Commercial Landscaping Really Worth Your Attention? 

Yes, it is! Commercial landscaping increases the reselling and rent value of your commercial and residential property.

For example, if you are running a restaurant in Lakeland, a beautiful landscape will take your business to the next level. You’ll see more customers daily (even if you charge more). 

Or, if you are selling or renting out business locations, a beautiful landscape can increase the rent or reselling price by at least 15% more than other properties nearby. 

A landscape can always take your business to the next level, whether it’s a new business or an established one! 

Benefits Of Business Landscaping 

Most people think that landscaping services are a luxury, but they aren’t. With time, they give a better return, and the maintenance cost is lower than expected after installation. 

So, here are some benefits of business landscaping that everyone should know: 

Gives Your Property An Aesthetic Look

Landscaping on your commercial property can completely change the look. It gives your property the natural aesthetic look that you always wanted.  

It’ll be pleasing to the eyes, and you’ll feel satisfied, and when someone enters your commercial space, they’ll feel positive about it too.   

An experienced landscaping company like Pyle’s Lawn can help you to steal the show by creating a unique landscape design and installing it for you. 

Our lawn care services will convert your average lawn into a status symbol for your business.  

Attract More Eyeballs 

Everyone loves to see beautiful greenery. Day by day, this natural and beautiful greenery is diminishing. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, greenery can heal our bodies and restore mental clarity.  

This is why we can’t resist looking at and enjoying the beauty of natural landscapes.  

After installing a landscape in your business location, you’ll see drastic changes around you. 

You’ll see many pedestrians looking at your area, enjoying the view of the garden. 

Many customers will visit your location with positivity, and many will become your regular customers.  

Even when you upload pictures of your commercial place on your business’s social accounts (e.g., Facebook business page), you’ll see more positivity and appreciation.  

It’s because everyone likes to be in a beautiful place, even if it’s expensive. And that’s why many new businesses prioritize commercial landscaping as one of their marketing strategies to attract more customers.  

Gives Your Business More Privacy And Security

Though this is unknown to many, landscaping companies can design landscapes in such a way that they can offer privacy. 

Privacy is important; many prefer to do business meetings in a calm, safe, and well-maintained environment. 

It’s one of the most demanding landscaping services for many resorts and restaurant owners. 

Recently, we’ve seen many corporate offices in busy areas or having competition nearby request this type of landscaping service from a landscaping company. 

Besides, landscaping also makes your business location more secure. Your employees and customers can roam around comfortably without any risk.

It is because the landscape is always correctly designed. The lawn care company considers the walkways, surroundings, and all kinds of weather.  

It’ll make your commercial property attractive and safe by improving things like retaining walls, cleaning debris, etc.  

An ideal landscape services provider will always design, install and maintain the project so that no one faces any accident and the landscape doesn’t get ruined due to weather conditions. 

Many companies that provide a landscaping service include installing outdoor lighting features in lawns to ensure better safety during low visibility.

Increases Property Value 

Landscaping isn’t a luxury, it’s an investment. Most properties with landscape get more rent and resell value than those without landscape. 

And, we are not saying it based on assumption. According to a study, a property with attractive landscaping gets at least 15% more value than other properties without landscaping

But landscaping can be a two-edged sword. If you don’t keep it clean and sharp looking, it can decrease the value of your property instead of increasing it. 

That’s why hiring a landscaping company that provides regular lawn care services (like mowing, cleaning debris, and keeping plants in shape) and quality work is essential.

Utilizes Your Space Properly

We’ve seen many businesses blessed with a huge yard or luxurious outdoor space, but the owner left it abandoned instead of maintaining it. 

Making a landscape and keeping the lawn clean can help your business grow and be used for outdoor meetings by arranging natural settings like patios or outdoor events.   

Consulting with professional and creative landscapers will help you learn how to utilize your outdoor space and make it a new attraction for your business.  

Shows You Care For The Environment 

We all know how much we have harmed the environment by cutting trees and using harmful things like plastic. But nowadays, people are getting serious about saving the environment. 

That’s why people prefer using eco-friendly products and prioritize companies that care about nature and the environment. 

By surrounding your commercial space with nature and beautiful landscapes, you can also participate in a noble cause. 

Maintaining a proper landscape and greenery around your property will build an environmentally responsible image for your company, attracting customers, clients, and investors.  

Boost Your Business

An attractive landscape can boost your business. Surrounding your business property with nature and aesthetic landscaping will enhance your brand value in your industry and create hype in the Lakeland, Florida, market. 

As people love to spend time in a beautiful place (even if they’re going to pay more), you’ll see a boost in your business income and make more money than you are making now. You’ll witness more people becoming your customer. 

Besides getting customers, if you maintain your outdoors and landscape, there is a possibility of receiving funds from investors who care about the environment. 

And, of course, a business landscape will be the symbol of your business, and many people will recognize your brand for the landscape. 

Disadvantage Of Commercial Landscaping 

Although there are almost no disadvantages to a well-maintained landscape on your property, there is one if you try to build a landscape on your own.


If you add a landscape on your own, it’ll significantly impact your finances. It can take a minimum of $15,000 to buy all the essentials. 

You’ll need a team of professionals with experience, high-quality equipment, and proper knowledge about flowers, plants, and other landscape architecture. 

Even if you somehow manage to create a landscape, you’ll still need more tools and expertise for the maintenance. 

But don’t get discouraged! We are here to help you out. As a landscaping company, we provide the best landscaping services in Lakeland, Florida, within your budget. 

With over 30 years of experience in Florida, we have the best knowledge of Florida’s weather and the plants that thrive here. 

With a team of professional employees, we always complete the project according to your need within the promised time.  

So, contact us today! It’s free of cost. 

Why Pyle’s Lawn Service? 

With over 30 years of experience, Pyle’s Lawn Service is one of the best landscaping companies in Lakeland, Florida. With 99% recommendation, we are listed as top-rated in HomeAdvisor. 

In the past 30 years, we’ve completed many landscaping and lawn care projects for both commercial and residential properties.

Once you hire us, it’s our job to make your landscape stand out! And we are the best at our job!

With Pyle’s Lawn services, there is no hidden charge, and based on our knowledge and experience, we always advise our clients on what’s best within budget. 

And creating landscapes isn’t the end. 

At Pyle’s Lawn, We also offer lawn care services to keep your site clean and attractive. Our lawn service includes everything that needs to be done (like mowing) to keep your land on point! 

So, if you are considering landscaping for your property, get a quote today!

Final Words

Your business and its appearance play a significant role in your business growth. Getting a landscape around your business property can potentially attract more business. 

Even if you consider selling it, you’ll get a better price for the maintained landscape. 

If you are interested in adding a beautiful landscape to your business, get a quote today!


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